Extraordinary Protection and Energy Savings. Brilliant!

Translucent PT Pipe & Tank Insulation
& Corrosion Prevention Coating
Translucent 1-part, smooth finish insulation.

Proven to solve the most difficult energy efficiency, corrosion | CUI, and safe touch problems of factories and industries.

Technology patented worldwide

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1-gallon – $128.00

(covers 450 S.F./42 m2 with 1-coat. 4-6 coats is typically recommended)
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5-gallon – $640.00

(covers 2250 S.F./210 m2 with 1-coat. 4-6 coats is typically recommended)
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Superior pipe and tank insulation and corrosion control coating. PT is a powerful 1-part water based acrylic latex that provides thermal insulation for applications where a smooth finish is needed. It provides excellent corrosion and CUI resistance as well as energy saving insulation.

Be Bold! Use A Product That Lasts.


* Thermal Insulation

* Energy Savings

* Corrosion Prevention

* Moisture Resistant

* Safe Touch Solution

* 5 Year Warranty | Maintains Performance Over Lifespan

* Easy to Apply – Tough & Durable

* Use on Surfaces up to 256F/125C


* Hot Water Pipes | Pipe Insulation

* Storage Tanks | Tank Insulation

* Fuel Oil Storage Tanks

* Offshore Assets

* Metal Buildings

* Pipelines

* Grain and Storage Silos

* Diffusers

* Other Hot or Cold Process Equipment

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“Because of global warming, our duty is to make use of energy as efficiently as possible; wasted energy is wasted national wealth. This is why I highly recommend this technology to all of textile industry and other heat using industries.”
Eyup Sozdinler, Henateks A.S.
“Sirs, We at Cornwell Tools have been very pleased with the results of using the Industrial Nanotech material.

It’s hard to quantify how much has been saved, but management has indicated over this winter so far we have saved approximately $30,000 in total heating costs. The cost of the (coating) materials was probably saved in the first cold month.”

Daniel Goodell, Cornwell Quality Tools
“You cannot buy energy cheaper, but with a good insulation, you can achieve maximum gains. If you are looking for a solution to insulation as well as corrosion protection, offering long-term usage, Industrial Nanotech coatings are the ideal solution”
Ahmet Turgut, Erenko Tekstil
“The difference in the performance of our system was substantial, with the Industrial Nanotech insulated system providing slightly less than double the original performance. By speeding up the cooling process we save substantial energy.”
Edward Moore, Edward Moore Design, Inc.