Sustainability Simplified™ Solutions

“Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple.” 

~C.W. Cream~

Dear Sustainable Leaders~

Nanotechnology. Nansulate® and Eureka-Duo™ are our nanotechnology-based patented energy saving and asset protection coating lines.  The nano materials and nanoscale chemistry combine to create cutting edge solutions.

Sustainable.  Our coatings reduce energy consumption, lower carbon emissions, improve worker safety, protect plant assets and decrease maintenance costs.  Our technology will save money and improve your bottom line.

Versatile. Our technology provides a unique combination of characteristics: thermal insulation, mold resistance, corrosion (CUI) prevention, moisture resistance, UV resistance, chemical resistance and lead encapsulation. The coatings are low VOC and some versions are NSF registered as safe for incidental contact with food.

Simple.   Our nanotechnology-based coatings are a powerful, complex thermal barrier technology that are applied via a paintable coating. Although the application is unbelievably easy, the performance is powerful.

Profitable. This technology enables our customers to achieve significant energy savings (typically between 10%-30%), which creates an exceptionally short payback period. The ongoing energy savings provide a continuing return-on-investment (ROI).

Rapid. Our Sustainability Team is expert in providing Sustainable Specifications to help you reach your specific goals. Our recommendations will enable you to rapidly accelerate your companies’ progress towards energy savings and asset protection. The majority of applications can be done while equipment is in service, so there is no need to schedule around maintenance shut down times.

Global.  We provide exceptional concierge service from the moment you contact us until your project is completed.  Our services range from Sustainable Webex Meetings to On-Site Facility-Based Meetings/Trainings including personalized Sustainable Specifications and Personalized Application Logs. For example, we handled the logistics for one of our sustainable customer’s multinational  sustainable projects across 35 plants in 26 countries.  We accomplished this by doing a Regional Plant-Based Training at one plant for key personnel that were flown in from their global corporate regions for training.  For other customers, we provide the simple training via videos and webinars.

In-House. Many of our customers do their own applications, most often on in-service hot equipment , which eliminates shut-down time and saves on labor costs. Of course, you can always choose to use your preferred contractor or we can assist you in finding one for your particular needs.

Powerful. Nansulate® and Eureka-Duo™ energy saving and asset protection coating technology are winners of prestigious sustainability awards for spectacular energy savings and asset protection.

Bold! Our promise may sound bold, and it is. It is also based upon years of experience in reducing energy costs and preserving assets for companies throughout the world in many market sectors and in the harshest service environments on the planet.

Opportunity.  We can help you achieve significant energy savings and substantially protect your assets for a longer service life and lower maintenance cycle costs.  Our product portfolio is patented and we provide unique solutions that truly enable us to keep our promise of Sustainability Simplified™.

It’s your turn. Let us help you today!

Yours In Sustainability,

The Industrial Nanotech Sustainability Team ~

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