Tire Industry, India | Bar Code Label Coating for Readability

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Tire Industry, India | Bar Code Label Coating for Readability Provided a bar code label coating that solved the issue with labels being damaged and unreadable due to high heat process during tire vulcanization. Problem This tire manufacturer in India had an issue with their bar code label becoming unreadable after it went through [...]

LS Industries Industrial Oven Insulation


LS Industries Industrial Oven Insulation Problem Looking to reduce surface temperature of ovens to a worker safe to touch level. Needed an effective oven insulation for a heat blast oven that cleans engines. Solution LS Industries, a designer and manufacturer of large metal cleaning equipment for the industrial and automotive markets, needed to [...]

Erenko Textile | Reduce Steam Consumption with Insulation

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Erenko Textile | Reduce Steam Consumption with Insulation Reduction in Steam Cycles, Improvement in Dye Lot Consistency Problem Looking to reduce steam consumption to make their facility more sustainable. Solution Erenko, a textile manufacturer for Disney, Champion, Puma, and others, wanted to reduce steam consumption to make their facility more sustainable. Heat Shield™ [...]

Seshasayee Paper and Boards Ltd. – Insulate Dryer End Covers

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Seshasayee Paper and Boards Ltd. - Insulate Dryer End Covers Reduction of Paper Mfg. Equipment Surface Temperature by 15.7% - 18.7% Problem Looking to increase energy efficiency in paper manufacturing facility and insulate to improve lifespan of sensor units and insulate dryer end covers Solution Seshasayee Paper & Boards Ltd. presented a paper at Papertech 2011, [...]

Biodiesel Refinery Storage Tank Insulation

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Fuel Tanks and Steam Lines- Biodiesel Refinery Storage Tank Insulation and Steam Pipe Insulation Problem Needed an effective insulation that would provide long-term protection of their fuel tanks and steam lines. Solution Smart Fuels, a leading alternative energy company head- quartered in Boston, was building a new biodiesel refinery in Florida and needed [...]

Paper Manufacturer | Boiler Insulation

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Paper Manufacturer | Boiler Insulation Problem A large paper manufacturer was looking for a solution for safe touch and insulation of their boilers. They needed a boiler insulation that would significantly reduce surface temperature and could be applied while equipment was in service. Solution During a recent boiler trial at a large paper [...]

Dairy Tank Insulation and Energy Savings

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UltraSpin, Australia - Dairy Tank Insulation Improved butterfat melting consistency and reduced surface to safe touch. Problem Insulate butterfat melting tank to reduce tank surface temperature to safe to touch and to reduce heat loss. Solution Nansulate® Translucent PT was used at a three coat coverage on the exterior of the stainless steel [...]

HEMA Endustri A.S. – Manufacturer

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HEMA Endustri A.S., Istanbul, Turkey, Process Energy Savings 10% to 15% Reduction in Natural Gas Use for Furnace Problem Hema Endustri A.S., a world-class designer and manufacturer of precision systems and components for industry, and was looking for an effective way to insulate their metal heat processing furnaces. Solution Nansulate® High Heat insulation [...]

Turkish Textile Manufacturer

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Turkish Textile Manufacturer - 30% Energy Savings/5 Months ROI Reduced process energy consumption between 30%-50% with ROI in 5 months.   Problem Increase energy efficiency in textile manufacturing facility and lower excess heat into the environment for personnel safety. Solution This case study illustrates the benefits that yet another textile manufacturer (name withheld [...]

Henateks Textile – 20% Energy Savings

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Henateks Textile, Turkey - 20% Energy Savings Insulation of textile manufacturing equipment - Reduced overall energy use by 20%.   Problem Henateks, a textile manufacturer for Nike, Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, and others was looking for a way to increase energy efficiency in their dyehouse and reduce their carbon emissions. Solution Nansulate® High Heat [...]

Hospital Steam Pipe Insulation

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Southern U.S. - Hospital Steam Pipe Insulation Exterior Surface Temperature Reduction of 110F (61C) Problem Insulate steam pipes that are located in the ceiling of a hospital effectively and using as little space as possible Solution The Heat Shield™ High Heat was used during a 60-day trial for steam pipe insulation at a [...]

Holiday Snacks Ltd. – Food Manufacturer

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Holiday Snacks Ltd., Trinidad - Food Manufacturing Safe Touch Reduced oven, duct and fryer surface temperatures by 27F to 48.6F for Safe Touch, and lowered food manufacturing energy consumption.   Problem Caribbean snack food manufacturer, Holiday Snacks needed to reduce hot surface temperatures  to safe touch for worker safety and also wanted to [...]

Blue Line Brewery – Beverage Manufacturer

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Blue Line Brewery, New York, USA - Microbrewery Energy Savings Increased production by 30%, equating to $400 additional wholesale revenue per day. Problem Reducing heat loss and time to bring and maintain beer at a rolling boil. Solution "The Boil Kettle insulated with Industrial Nanotech’s Heat Shield EPX4 product saved energy and was [...]

Grupo Modelo – Beverage Manufacturing

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Grupo Modelo, Guadalajara, Mexico - Steam Pipe Insulation Reduction of energy consumption with steam pipe insulation and reduced surface temperature by 36 degrees F   Problem Grupo Modelo needed steam pipe insulation at their Guadalajara, Mexico facility to insulate, reduce surface temperature, and protect equipment from corrosion and moisture. Solution Translucent High Heat [...]

Illovo Sugar – Food Manufacturing

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Illovo Sugar, South Africa - Equipment Insulation Reduced exterior temperature of their diffuser by 30C-35C / 54F-63F.   Problem Illovo Sugar Limited is the largest listed sugar and alcohol manufacturer in Africa. They were looking for a solution for insulation of their Diffusers. They have had an ongoing initiative for energy efficiency and [...]

Galp Energia Refinery: Insulation & Corrosion/CUI Prevention

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Galp Energia, Portugal - Oil & Gas Refinery Insulation and Corrosion/CUI Prevention Industrial Nanotech coatings provide effective insulation and corrosion control that withstands harsh environment. Problem Galp Energia was looking for an effective way to insulate and prevent corrosion on exterior pipelines and fuel oil storage tanks, and they needed something that would [...]

Int’l Soft Drink MFG – Energy Savings

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Soft Drink Manufacturer, Europe - Bottle Washing Machine Insulation Bottle washing machine insulation coating saved 398.52 MMBTU/year with payback in 13 months, and estimated GHG reduction of 2.1 metric tons/yr.   Problem Save energy on the heat process of a bottle washing machine, and other equipment, where fibrous insulation cannot be used Solution [...]

Coats plc – Textile Manufacturer

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Coats plc, Global Project - Textile Manufacturing Industrial Nanotech's High Heat and EPX4 helped global textile manufacturer reduce energy consumption more than 10% and carbon emissions by 2% over 38 factories. Problem Coats plc was seeking an effective way to lower energy consumption in their plants globally to lower costs, reduce their carbon [...]

Sipetrol – Offshore Pipeline Insulation

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Sipetrol, Argentine - Offshore Pipeline Insulation Insulation and corrosion prevention of offshore oil platform piping.   Problem Sipetrol needed a solution for the pipelines on their AM6 offshore platform to reduce heat loss from the transported petroleum product. Solution Nansulate® Translucent PT was applied at an average thickness of 350 microns dry film [...]

Weyerhaeuser – Tank Insulation

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Weyerhaeuser, Savannah, GA - Tank Insulation Insulation and protection for exterior tank to reduce heat loss and lower surface temperature.   Problem Large paper manufacturer, Weyerhaeuser, was looking for a way to effectively insulate an outdoor liquor tank while also reducing surface temperature and providing protection from corrosion and weathering. Solution Nansulate® Translucent [...]

Petrochemical – Corrosion & Insulation

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Petrochemical Manufacturer Nansulate® High Heat stops evaporation of methanol and protects tanks from corrosion in extreme environment.   Problem A petrochemical facility in the Middle East needed to significantly reduce vaporization of methanol inside storage tanks. Traditional insulation could not be used due to the high humidity in the region. Secondarily, they also [...]

PT Nukote – Corrosion & Insulation

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PT Nukote, Indonesia – Corrosion Control Hot Water Pipeline Insulation Nansulate® Translucent PT provides effective corrosion prevention and reduces surface temperature by 27 degrees F (15 degrees C).   Problem A large client for PT Nukote Indonesia needed to reduce the surface temperature of a hot water pipeline from the variable 74-95 deg. [...]

Elasteks – Textile Energy Savings

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Elateks, Turkey -Textile Energy Savings Elasteks realized a 51% energy savings after coating their dyeing machines with EPX-4 insulation coating.   Problem Insulating machines that dye yarns and fabrics can be challenging when dye can be splashed onto the equipment during unloading. Nansulate® EPX provided a solution that allowed the dyeing machines to [...]

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