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School – Stay Clean Metal Roof

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Florida School - Stay Clean & Energy Efficient Metal Roof Roof stayed clean and free from mold and mildew reducing maintenance costs.   Problem This Florida school needed a way to keep their white metal roof clean from mold/mildew to reduce maintenance costs, while also enhancing the energy efficiency to lower cooling costs. [...]

Tile Roof, FL – Energy Savings & Protection

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Residential Tile Roof, Niceville, FL - Energy Savings & Protection Energy costs reduced between 17% to 42% year over year, roof looks like new. Problem Roofs in Florida often need yearly pressure washing due to mold growth, and also suffer from UV fading of the roofing materials. This homeowner was looking for a [...]

Government Data Center – Roof

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Mexico Social Security Administration - Data Center Cooling Chosen as a Top Green Project by the Journal of Architectural Coatings Problem Mexico's Social Security Administration (IMSS) also provides healthcare to their citizens. The data center in Monterrey, Mexico that houses patient medical records had an issue with the servers shutting down due to [...]

Tile Roof, Marco Island – Mold Resistance, Energy Savings

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Marco Island, Florida Homeowner, Tile Roof - Mold Resistant Roof Coating Nansulate® Crystal insulating and mold resistant roof coating provided this Marco Island Homeowner with superior mold/fungi resistance and energy savings for his roof. Problem This home in Marco Island, Florida had a serious issue with mold constantly growing on the tile roof [...]

Residential Palace – Mold Resistance

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Istana Nurul Iman Residential Palace Nansulate® Crystal provides effective mold/fungi resistance and protection for marble walls, reducing cleaning and maintenance costs.   Problem The maintenance team at Istana Nurul Iman, the residential palace in the country of Brunei, had been searching for many years for a solution to the continual mold growth on [...]

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