Sinopec, China-Oil & Gas- Fuel Oil Storage Tank Insulation

Nansulate® High Heat provides effective insulation and corrosion control that withstands harsh marine environments while protecting from UV rays.



Sinopec, the Chinese oil & gas company that is the world’s fifth largest company by revenue, needed an effective insulation that would not degrade in the marine environment and that would properly insulation and prevent corrosion of their tanks and equipment.


Fuel oil storage tank insulation project: They recently completed a successful winter study from October 2012 to March 2013 with Nansulate® High Heat coating for insulation and corrosion control.

Sinopec was looking for a better solution than the rock wool insulation they were using and one that would prevent corrosion, which was being caused by the rock wool.

Nansulate® provided them with an effective solution in a clear thin-film application that also prevented corrosion. A 12-coat application of Nansulate® was used over the offshore fuel oil storage tank. The tank had to be kept between 68C and 72C.

Nansulate® provided Sinopec with a better solution for insulation and corrosion control of their fuel storage tanks, which lasts much longer than other insulation options, which greatly reduces the maintenance and replacement costs over time.

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Standout Results!

The final analysis showed that Nansulate® was effective and within 3 degrees C of the 8cm rock wool insulation, plus it solved the corrosion issue and provided a cost effective solution that would stand up to the harsh ocean environment without degrading.
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