Project Description

Hospital Boiler Insulation | Heat Shield EPX4 Insulation Coating

Lowered surface temperature by 94F (52.2C), estimated calculated energy savings of 241.06 BTU/hr.ft2.


Boiler insulation for a large hospital in the southeastern United States. They had a need for insulation that could be applied easily for energy savings and would be long lasting.


During a  recent boiler trial at a large hospital in the southeastern US, Distributor Quantum Energy Services illustrated the power of the Heat Shield™ EPX4 with thermal imaging.

The application was performed in two steps, Day 1: 4-coats of the Heat Shield™
EPX4; and Day 2: 2 more coats of EPX4 were added for a total of 6-coats. Just hours after each application the results were as follows:

(BTU estimates reference engineering calculations at

Boiler insulation temperature chart

Hospital Boiler Insulation Case Study6-coats-on-boiler-768x1024

Infrared imaging during application. Top half of boiler had 4-coats and bottom half had 6-coats of Heat Shield EPX-H20. The temperature was reduced below safe touch to 136F.


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Standout Results!

The final analysis showed that Heat Shield™ EPX4 by INI significantly lowered the surface temperature to safe touch and estimated energy consumption (by over 50% estimated reduction). It provided an excellent boiler insulation coating that was easy to apply and also had a 10-year warranty.
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