Elateks, Turkey -Textile Energy Savings

Elasteks realized a 51% energy savings after coating their dyeing machines with EPX-4 insulation coating.



Insulating machines that dye yarns and fabrics can be challenging when dye can be splashed onto the equipment during unloading. Nansulate® EPX provided a solution that allowed the dyeing machines to be insulated while also offering a chemical and moisture resistant finish that would not degrade in their dye house environment. They reduced their process steam consumption per dyeing cycle from 1,326 kg to only 651 kg after using the EPX-4 coating.


Industrial Nanotech’s Turkish Distributor, Kolorgen Ltd, worked with textile manufacturer Elasteks to insulate their yarn dyeing machines, condensate water tank, and steam and condensate pipes with Nansulate® High Heat and Nansulate® EPX insulation coatings.

Following application and cure time, they used a hot water meter to measure condensed steam to measure energy use, and their data showed a reduction in energy consumption of 51% as compared to before using Nansulate®.

The steam consumption in kg per dyeing process cycle was measured over a period of 3 months, comparing before and after application consumption:

Before Nansulate® 1,326 kg steam consumption per process cycle

After Nansulate® 651 kg steam consumption per process cycle

For their next project, they plan to use the new Nansulate® Diamond fast cure insulation coating to insulate their steam boiler.

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