Residential Walls/Ceiling, Connecticut – Lower Heating Costs

Reduction in heating oil cost by an average of 41%



Homeowners in Connecticut were looking for an easy way to reduce their heating bills during the cold season and make their home more comfortable year-round.


They applied Nansulate® HomeProtect Clear Coat to the interior walls, ceiling, and other areas of their home to provide a barrier to the heat transfer, thus reducing the amount of energy used to heat and cool and providing a more consistent interior temperature year-round.


Before Nansulate (4 year average) – 620 gallons per year

Estimated cost before – $1,618.21/year*

After Nansulate (1 year) – 365 gallons

Estimated cost after – $952.65/year*

This equated to a savings of 41% in heating oil use, and a dollar savings of approximately $665.56 per year

*Cost per year was calculated using the July 16, 2007 figure for the average Connecticut regional retail heating oil price ($2.61 per gallon). Source: State of Connecticut Office of Policy and Management (

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The final analysis showed that Nansulate® HomeProtect™ Clear Coat saved this homeowner approximately $665.56 per year in heating oil costs (plus additional savings from summer energy reduction). Heating oil use was reduced by approximately 255 gallons per year.
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