Discover Eureka-Duo™: A Thermal Insulation + Corrosion/CUI Prevention Coating

The Eureka-Duo™ coating line combines the dual benefits of a nanotechnology-based thermal insulation with a natural hydrophobic bonding that prevents corrosion and CUI. Through significant research and development, Industrial Nanotech Inc brings a disruptive product to the Oil and Gas industry. It is primed to provide a critically needed solution to the $270 billion-plus-dollar industry problem of corrosion-under-insulation for severe service environments.

Eureka-Duo™ In Action-Sinopec Case Study

Sinopec, the Chinese oil & gas company that is the world’s fifth largest company by revenue, was introduced to Eureka-Duo™ by our Chinese Distributor. They were so impressed with test data and case studies that they initiated a 6-month field test.

The Challenges

  1. Find an insulation that would perform in harsh marine environment.
  2. Replace rock wool that was causing corrosion-under-insulation. 
  3. Find a corrosion and CUI prevention solution.
  4. Maintain a tank temperature range of 68°C-72°C.

The Field Test

Sinopec tested our clear Eureka-Duo™ coating during a 6-month winter timeframe from October 2012 to March 2013. A 12-coat application of Eureka-Duo™ was applied to their offshore fuel oil storage tank. The tank had to be kept between 68°C-72°C.

The Results

The final analysis showed that Eureka-Duo™was effective at insulating and it kept the offshore storage tank within 3°C of the former 8cm rock wool insulation. Plus, it solved the corrosion issue. Industrial Nanotech Inc provided a cost effective insulation and corrosion prevention dual solution that will stand up to the harsh ocean environment without degrading. Additionally, Eureka-Duo™ has a much longer lifespan than older insulation options and will reduce their maintenance and replacement costs over time.  The clear thin Eureka-Duo™ coating will also allow simple visual inspection of the tank substrate through the coating.

Sinopec is projected to save over $500,000 in 6-years with our Eureka-Duo™ solution.

The cost benefit analysis is based upon the results of this application and uses general costs for materials estimates and typical tank size estimates.

Eureka-Duo™- The Powerful Insulation Coating That Also Prevents Corrosion & CUI

Eureka-Duo™ Endures Nature’s Harshest Challenges

  • Eureka-Duo™ Insulates PLUS Prevents Corrosion/CUI
  • Eureka-Duo™ Bonds With Substrates and Prevents Corrosion and CUI
  • Eureka-Duo™ is Formulated to Protect Tanks, Pipes and Silos in Severe Service Environments
  • Eureka-Duo™ Passes Rigorous Industry Tests
  • Eureka-Duo™ Has A Translucent Version For Easy Visual Inspection
  • Eureka-Duo™ Insulation Coatings Do Not Degrade Or Become Contaminated By Salt Air, Dust, Mold and Environmental Contaminants
  • Eureka-Duo™ Can Be Quickly Applied By Brush, Roller or Sprayer By Your Preferred Contractor or In-House Team Generally While Equipment Is In-Service
  • Eureka-Duo™ Can Cover Odd-Shaped Configurations to Provide 100% Barrier Protection
  • Eureka-Duo™ Is Sustainable and Eco-Friendly
  • Eureka-Duo™ Has Been Tested In Severe Service Environments
  • Eureka-Duo™ Saves Energy, Saves On Labor Costs and Saves on Maintenance

Eureka-Duo™ is Sustainability Simplified™

The Insulation That Prevents Corrosion

Fact #1: Multi-national international Oil and Gas companies have the ability to use any coatings in the world.

Fact #2:   Industry stalwarts can be slow to adopt new technologies from smaller companies.

Fact #3: Leading innovative and sustainable Oil and Gas companies needed solutions to the age old problem of insulating their tanks, pipes and silos without causing corrosion and CUI amid the oil and gas frontiers of the world.

Fact #4: Corporate leaders that empower personnel to find new solutions and risk the establishment are realizing brilliant outcomes in energy savings, asset longevity,  reduced installation costs and significantly lower maintenance costs.

Insulation Bonds To Metal and Prohibits CUI

ROI? Ongoing! Yes, that’s right.

Industrial Nanotech’s insulation products pay for themselves and provide ongoing energy savings. Your energy savings will be maintained year-after-year.

Additionally, your asset life is extended with the protection from corrosion and CUI.   Our Eureka-Duo™ product line does not degrade like traditional insulations due to mold, moisture, dust and environmental contaminants.

Smart companies are using nanotechnology to save spectacular new ways.

Do you want to save energy and money consistently year-after-year, while increasing the life of your assets?  It’s a no brainer!

Sustainability Simplified™ Solutions

Our coating line provides an array of benefits, each one with its own meaningful contribution. We listen to your sustainability needs and create customized specifications just for you. We will help you integrate these solutions to achieve great results. Nansulate™ and Eureka-Duo™ are invented and patented by us, but deployed by you.

Your success is our success. Let’s do it together. Today!

Sustainability Simplified™ Solutions Examples

Pipes and Pipelines

Eureka-Duo™ has been deployed across the globe onshore from desolate jungle environments in South America to the coldest environments of Alaska and offshore in the harshest marine environments.  It is tough enough to withstand the rigorous demands of the oil and gas frontiers and provides real cost savings for energy, while ensuring you are using an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution for asset protection.

Oil Platforms

Eureka-Duo™ coatings are a trusted solution for offshore oil and gas applications.  The technology stands up to the harshest marine environments. Our technology not only insulates but also prevents corrosion, lengthening asset life and improving safety. Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is a costly issue for this industry, and it’s one that using Industrial Nanotech’s patented coatings solve. No more corrosion, no more expensive exterior cladding around tanks and pipelines, just paint on our powerful thermal insulation coatings (TICs) and know that your assets are insulated and protected for many years.

Fuel Oil Storage Tanks

Eureka-Duo™ is the top choice of insulation of fuel oil storage tanks around the world. It has solved the century old problem of CUI in an industry where corrosion is a major issue. Our products are meant to stand up to the harshest offshore and onshore environments, so you know that your product will be insulated and protected with a solution that will last for years to come. We’ve got you covered!


Additional Recommended Equipment Examples

  • Boilers

  • Storage Tanks

  • Condensors

  • Heat Exchangers

  • Diffusers

  • Valves

  • Vessels

  • Flanges

  • Floating Production Storage Offloading (FPSO)

  • Offshore Platforms

  • Vats

  • LNG Storage Tanks

  • BioFuel Tanks

  • D-Asphalting Plants

  • Regenerator

  • Reactor Vessels

  • Pipes

  • Freezers

  • HVAC Duct Work

  • Concrete Digestors

  • Industrial Ovens

  • Condensors

  • Chilled Water Lines

  • Dryers/Cylinders/Covers

Our Gold Standard Custom Project Promise

Industrial Nanotech Inc.’s product line gives leaders tremendous potential to save energy and protect assets.  Our Sustainablity Simplified™ Team will help you every step of the way.  In addition, we have you covered with our recommended preferred contractors if you prefer to outsource your installation.  Many of our customers choose to do it their applications with their in-house team.  Yes! It’s that easy.

Gold Level Custom Project Plan

You will have your own dedicated personal to help you define your optimal Sustainability Simplified™ plan based on your goals.

Personal team review of your Sustainability Plan that is designed specifically for you along with your logistics timeframes.  Approximate time is 15 minutes.

Your  Application Handbook with Surface Preparation Checklists, Equipment Checklists and your Personalized Application Guide, with step-by-step instructions including your easy-to-track Customized Application Log designed for your project.

When you provide us with your application date(s), we will dedicate your  Sustainability Simplified™ Advisor to be on call for you at any time during your scheduled application(s) in case any questions arise.

Platinum Level Fee-Based Selections

You may rent a Dry Film Thickness (DFT) meter to ensure the highest degree of accuracy for your application.
We can provide on-site training for your team. Alternatively, we offer the option to assemble key personnel from various multi-national regions for global rollouts. One leading company completed a world-wide adoption in 38 factories and 28 countries with in-house personnel in one year. Their bold actions produced bold results! Dream big!
We can provide you with your customized specification, product and the installation with a Professional Contractor. All you need to do is choose your installation date and we will handle the rest.  It’s that simple!

Powerful Products. Bold Plans. Spectacular Results.

“Because of global warming, our duty is to make use of energy as efficiently as possible; wasted energy is wasted national wealth. This is why I highly recommend this Nansulate® technology to all of textile industry and other heat using industries.”

-Henateks A.S.
Eyüp Sözdinler,  View Full Article: >> Gundem News

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