Nansulate® Lead X™: The Clear Winner For Lead Encapsulation

 Lead-based paint and lead dust in brick and concrete is a serious health risk in older homes and buildings. Nansulate® LeadX™ can provide a safe and economical alternative to expensive remediation and removal of lead-based paints. If the paint is adhering well to the surface, or the surface is intact, then you can encapsulate the lead-based paint or surface with Nansulate® LeadX™ Clear lead abatement coating.  Each state has different lead abatement regulations, so be sure to check with your local authority for lead encapsulation guidelines in your area.

This product has been approved by the New York Historical Preservation Office for use on historic buildings. Lead Abatement Case Study>>


Used by the U.S. Navy, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, American Red Cross, Child Family Services, and many others!”

Nansulate® Lead X™: Sustainability Simplified™

  • Nansulate® LeadX™ is a clear encapsulation coating that covers existing substrates with a clear, matte/satin finish that retains the beauty of the underlying structure.

  • Nansulate® LeadX™ has outstanding durability and excellent adhesion.

  • Nansulate® LeadX™ is low VOC (100 g/L), non-toxic, water-based and eco-friendly.

  • Apply Nansulate® LeadX™ with a paint sprayer, brush or roller. No special equipment is needed and it is simple and quick.

  • Nansulate® Lead X™ is a patented technology protected by U.S. and international patents.

  • 450 S.F. @ 1 coat
    225 S.F. @ 2 coats (recommended coverage) Actual coverage rate may vary depending on surface texture.

  • 20-year warranty for interior use |
    5-year warranty for exterior use

  • Nansulate® Lead X™ is clear finish that does not change the color of the underlying surfaces.

  • Nansulate® Lead X™ is a cost effective alternative to removal of lead-based paint.

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