NAPLES, Fla.April 8, 2016  — Industrial Nanotech, Inc., a global leader in nanotechnology based energy saving and surface protection solutions, announced that their Nansulate® LeadX™ clear lead encapsulation coating has become a top coating used by contractors for both historical preservation and antique restoration. The LeadX™ coating is currently the only lead abatement coating on the market that is also clear, allowing the underlying surface to shine through. The coating stops the penetration of dangerous lead through to the surface, encapsulating it, which makes a building or object that has lead dust or lead based paint safe for use. Lead encapsulation is an EPA approved method of lead abatement.

Clear lead abatement for historical preservation“Our LeadX coating has become one of the top lead encapsulation coatings on the market.” stated, Francesca Crolley VP of Training and Specifications for Industrial Nanotech. “It has been approved for historical preservation projects as safe for use on historical buildings such as the Susan B. Anthony Voters Block Restoration, and has been used by Child and Family Services and the U.S. Navy as a trusted and safe way to encapsulate lead based paint or lead dust embedded in brick or concrete. We’ve also recently serviced antique restoration companies, who are working with very old family heirlooms such as furniture or reclaimed wood items, and as beautiful as those pieces are, many times they have been painted with lead-based paint and need to be safely encapsulated. Our coating does that with a strong invisible layer that allows the beauty of the piece to remain intact.”

Ms. Crolley continues, “We like to say that we are preserving history without taking away from its beauty. We are proud to have worked with museums like the Pensacola Naval Aviation Museum and the upcoming Smithsonian affiliated National Museum of Industrial History to preserve and protect while making surfaces safe for current and future generations.”

Most antique furniture (depending on the age) was originally coated in natural finishes like beeswax or traditional plant oils to showcase and preserve the natural look of the wood. Then lead-based paint came along and was touted as “long-lasting”, and was used in the years before the dangers were known. So many of these family heirlooms have aged lead-based paint that is likely deteriorating now and could cause lead poisoning, especially if it is an item that is part of daily household use.
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