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Paint-On Insulation & Mold Resistance Coating
Lower Energy Costs in All Seasons

Proven for over a decade to lower heating and cooling costs by a reported 20% to 40%.

Technology patented worldwide

Product List Price is reflected below.

The Product List Price is reflected below.

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1-gallon – $117.00

(covers 150 S.F. at the recommended 3-coats)
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5-gallon – $585.00

(covers 750 S.F. at the recommended 3-coats.)
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HomeProtect™ is a water-based and low VOC thermal barrier coating. Use over painted walls, wood, brick, concrete, stucco, and vinyl siding. Paint on walls (indoors or outdoors), ceilings, and attics to reduce heat loss and gain. Buy today to save a lot of money on monthly energy costs.

Take Charge of Your Energy Bills Today!


* Thermal Insulation

* Energy Savings

* UV Resistance

* Mold/Mildew Resistance

* Shown to reduce heat transfer 34.8% in independent testing

* 5 Year Warranty

* Easy to Apply with Brush, Roller, Sprayer


* Wall Insulation

* Attic Insulation

* Ceiling Insulation

* Awnings/Patio Covers

* Mold Resistance in Basements or outdoors

* Outside Pet Enclosures

* Trailers or Motorhomes

They could have chosen anyone. They chose us!

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“We have the previous owner’s electric bills for the last 2 1/2 years and compared to my KWH useage we did about 40% better.”
Gary D., Tulsa, OK
“We are really pleased with the 40% savings in energy cost and the swiftness at which it (the house) cools off and heats up. I even coated the claw foot tub in it so the water stays hotter longer!…I tell my friends about it because it really works. You could heat that house with a votive candle and a blow dryer now that it has the nanotech coating on it.”
Marc I., TorC, NM
“I bought your product about 20 months ago to use in the dressing room area of my horse trailer. The difference it has made is AMAZING!!! I ride endurance horses, which means that I frequently camp in that dressing room. It stays cooler in the summer, and MUCH warmer in the winter! I recommend your product to people about once a week (at least!). It was SO EASY, and worked SO INCREDIBLY WELL!”
Faustina D., Mammoth Spring, AR
“I would like to offer a few words of praise for the Nansulate product. My girlfriend and I both live in a very old house in downtown Detroit, circa 1890’s, and the cost to heat our home is outrageous. The Nansulate product was easy to apply, (we did it ourselves), and the results were almost instantaneous. The upstairs unit retained a more constant temperature and was consistently more comfortable without the need to pump more and more heat and money up there.”
Michael F. & Nicole C., Detroit, MI